A:It wasn't me. It wasn't me.

B:Stark raving mad. It wasn't anyone's fault, but he should have been chained up.

C:You called it, sir. Mad as a fuckin' hatter.

B:Keep him separated. Don't want him causing a panic.




其實,我不知道是Hatter比較瘋,還是March Hare比較瘋


 update:    mad as a hatter/a March hare 發狂的;非常愚蠢的 informal

[ Mad Hatter, the ] 朗文字典
a character in the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland(1865) by Lewis Carroll. Alice goes to the Mad Hatter's tea partywhere no one eats or drinks anything, the Mad Hatter and the March Haretalk nonsense, and the Dormousekeeps falling asleep.
➔Alice in Wonderland
我是根據  mad as a hatter/a March hare 這句成語,和《愛麗絲夢遊仙境》做聯想。沒有很上進地去查,為什麼當初Lewis Carroll在角色設定時塑造了一個Hatter這人物,更沒去探究hatter這字源。
我查了一下匿名提到的來源 As mad as a hatter – meaning completely mad
這裡提到發揚光大的莫過於Lewis Carroll《Alice's Adventures in Wonderland》
Whilst not being the source of the phrase, we can't mention 'as mad as a hatter' and leave out Lewis Carroll. His 'Hatter' character from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland(1865) is of course the best-known mad hatter of them all. The Hatter is not actually described as mad in the story - merely a participant at 'a mad tea-party'; although he can hardly be called sane.
我重讀Oxford版本《Alice's Adventures in Wonderland》後面的註解,很詳細說明"mad as a Hatter"的由來。
原來Lewis Carroll在寫Hatter這角色,是有這一深層的由來
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  • hatter是小寫,這個片語的來源其實不是愛麗斯,而是下面這樣:
    Hatters used to use mercury in the making of hats. This affected their nervous systems and, because of the tremors they experienced, they were labelled as mad. The Hatter in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is not actually described as mad in the story; although it can hardly be called sane.